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DUI Law in Walnut Creek, CA

Walnut Creek, CA, DUI law can be complex, so if you’re been arrested on a DUI-related charge, you’ll benefit from working with an attorney who understands this practice area. If you've been apprehended on DUI-related charges, the Law Offices Of Mark W. Kelsey can give you local representation as you try to protect your legal rights. We offer personalized attention on every case.

For your convenience, we keep our appointment times flexible and have payment plans available. When you come to us, we'll set up an initial free consultation during which we’ll go over the facts of your case and review strategies that might work to your advantage.

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At the Law Offices Of Mark W. Kelsey, we’ll treat you courteously and protect your privacy as scrupulously as we can. We’ll show you how Walnut Creek, CA, DUI law relates to your case, so call today or find out what else we may be able to do for you.